Important links

Brent Ozar -
The Future of Monitoring -
Power Scripting -

SQLBits - - SQL Server professionals in the UK
ASK SQLServerCentral - - get your SQL Server questions answered here.
ServerFault - - more SQL professionals helping you with your problems and questions, for free!

RedGate Software- Ingeniously Simple Tools for any busy DBA
PowerShellAnalyzer - The best way to edit your PowerShell scripts, that I have found.
LogParser - A brilliant tool for extracting, handling and monitoring files of all types
Virtual Box - my preferred virtualisation tool.

Grant Fritchey - SQL Server Execution Plans - details
Brad McGehee - Brad's Sure Guide to SQL Server Maintenance Plans - details
SQL Server MVP Deep Dives by Paul Nielsen (Author), Kalen Delaney (Author), Adam Machanic (Author), Kimberly Tripp (Author), Paul Randal (Author), Greg Low (Author) - details


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