Tuesday, 9 March 2010

PowerShell in use - moving SQL Mail Profiles

I am in the middle of a SQL Server 2008 installation and today I needed to transfer the Mail Accounts and Profiles to the new instance in order to be ready for use by the incoming system. I never been a fan of the GUI to configure Mail on SQL 2005 as it involves a lot of back and forth clicking to get everything done.

I decided to take a look at what PowerShell would let me do. After getting connected to the out-going server it was simply a case of changing to the mail directory and then the accounts directory and using the power of the script method of the objects to get the scripts into a file on my local hard drive.

set-Location SQLServer:\mail\accounts
get-ChildItem | foreach {$_.script()}| out-File C:\SQLServer_MailAccounts.sql

then I just moved to the profiles directory and repeated the process

set-Location SQLServer:\mail\profiles
get-ChildItem | foreach {$_.script()}| out-File C:\SQLServer_MailProfiles.sql

Once that was done, I opened the file sin SSMS, connected to the new server and ran them to create the mail accounts first and then the profiles.

Really simple, really quick. I am beginning to see ways that PowerShell will continue to help me

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