Wednesday, 3 March 2010

How to slipstream SQL Server 2008 RTM and SQL Server 2008 SP1

I have a number of SQL Servers to upgrade from 2005 to 2008 this year and as service pack 1 is already out it makes sense to install this at the same time as the main software. In Microsoft parlance this is known as 'slipstreaming'.

In theory it involves getting the set up files for SQL Server 2008 and applying the service pack to them rather than to the installed software. Its covered on an MSDN blog here and these are the instructions that I followed. However there are a couple of pointers that I have had to work through so this could be considered a supplemental blog for the slipstream creation process. The step numbers used relate to those in Peter Saddow's blog.

Step 1: I got iso files downloaded. These need to be mounted (Virtual Clone Drive) or extracted to disc and then the contents copied to the directory as described. Note: I could not get PowerShell to do the copy from my VCD drive - it errored saying the drive was not the right format. Windows drag and drop does it anyway.
Step 2: No problems (apart from time taken to download!)
Step 3: Execute each statement listed one at a time and leave it a few minutes before you start the next one. You will see an extracting progressbar for each package.
Step 4: This is simply moving them up a directory level and overwriting the files of the same name already there. Robocopy is a tool installed as part of a server admin resource kit. You will need to install that in order to copy the command given otherwise follow the instructions exactly.
Step 5: Robocopy again but simple
Step 6: Easy enough to edit 3 .ini files and add a line.
Step 7: Install SQL Server 2008 and note the slipstream identifiers as you go through the installation process.

Hope this helps.

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