Sunday, 28 February 2010

Snapshot Isolation level

OK, I've just a minute to put this up but I have used PowerShell to help someone with a problem. It wasnt the only way and may not have been the simplest way but it certainly work. A question was posted on asking "How can I tell if Snapshot Isolation is turned on?", my reaction was to see if PowerShell could tell me what the Snapshot Isolation setting was on my SQL databases.

The easiest way to get to PowerShell from SSMS is to right click in the Object Explorer and then choose the PowerShell link in the menu. this opens a PowerShell window at the level that you clicked. Simply typing in
get-childitem|select name, snapshotisolationstate
returns the information that you want for the server you are connected to. Simple, quick and useful. Maybe this PowerShell thing has its uses for a SQL database administrator after all?!

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