Friday, 26 February 2010

PowerShell - my first steps

So I asked this question on and the concensus of opinion seems to be that PowerShell should be in my future. I have a few books that I am deciding between but have downloaded some eBooks and have installed some new applications. It was a real hassle getting PSv2 installed as it seems to conflict with PSv1. I have downloaded PowerShell Analyzer from Shell Tools and it works very well. Rather than just the PS command line you get a full IDE that gives a lot of support to a person new to PS.

As a small nugget of what I have covered so far have this little section of Powershell code:

Get-Process *sql* Select-Object name, CPU, virtualmemorysize

This will bring a list of processes on the local machine that have "sql" in their name, their CPU usage and the virtualmemory they are using.
Which for me tells me this:

SQL Response Client413.03125223125504
SQLAGENT 48.1875138895360

neat huh?

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