Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Seven Things

So, I have no idea where it started but Twitter has been full of people linking to their "Seven Things You (probably) Dont Know About Me" Blog posts and then they 'tag' 7 other people to do the same thing. Well, just like the plague, when you see you friends (more on that later) going down with it you know its only a matter of time before you get it too. So, without further ado, here's mine:

Won) Friends.
I don't have many. I never have really. I am friends with lots of people who I work with but I don't have many friends outside of that. I know lots of people and I think I get on well with them, they don't seem to recoil when I am around and I can sometimes make them laugh which I think is a good thing. There are a growing number of people that I know via the internet and I would like to be able to call them friends despite never having met them or knowing what they look like, sound like or smell like.

Too) School
I hated it, partly because I was made to do homework by my mother and it stopped me doing what I would have preferred but mostly because of the bullying. I suffered mostly in my last two years but it made me hate, a lot. I guess thats gonna happen when 30 kids pick on you at once, oh and the tampon in the water bottle was plain nasty.

Fore) Work
I have only had two employers. I left college before completing my A levels and got an apprenticeship at a local council. When that ended I move to another council and worked there for 13 years in different jobs and then 9 years ago moved to my current employer. I like my job, I enjoy the surroundings and the colleagues company. I work with my wife and that goes just fine.

Phyve) Family
I love my family, in the broken state that it is in following my divorce 4 years ago. I miss my father - he died shortly before my 3rd birthday. I say miss but I am not sure that's possible. I didn't know him well enough to miss his voice or miss him do things for me, I just have a gap in my life where other people have a man.

Sicks) Camera
I have just bought - yesterday - a new camera. I am looking forward to enjoying photography again.

7) Who next
Apart from the fact that I had to do this list the other thing on my mind as I saw others doing their's was the fact that I would have to tag 7 other people. As you will have read number 1, you will appreciate that a limited number of friends will mean that its tricky getting together a list of 7 that haven't done their list already. Well here is my best shot:
@melodik; @chibialfa; @Hello_Nurse; @bobbyllew; @Tony_D; @Glinner; @Wossy
a star studded mix, maybe it will pay off, maybe I'll be ignored by everyone...

I missed out iii), due to lack of planning in my life there isnt anything much to tell about me. I (with my awesome wife Annette) own 8 horses. Have that as an extra thing

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