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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Cheap HD ready Aerial (Antenna for US visitors)

This guy just straps sometin foil to a plank of wood and wires it into his TV...

OK its slightly more complicated than that - he has a motor on it to turn it around in his loft - but its an upgrade over the signal he got from a shop bought one.

anyone else know how to make stuff that works better than shop bought?


I have hair issues. Its very long and I have no interest in keeping it tidy. I also have no interest in giving away a bunch of ££££'s in getting it cut. I have a choice of combing it tidy, leaving it grow longer (outwards) or (s)trimming it myself ....

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Unexpected day

Wow, nothing special happened.

I didnt move a bed or wardrobe.

I didnt give anyone a bunch of kitchen equipment.

I didnt get kicked in the groin.

I didnt win the pools, lottery or bingo.

I did buy a big bottle of beer - mmmmmmmm.

I did wash up the dishes from last night - that unexpectedly took an hour.

I did cook dinner

I did clean out the truck.

I didnt go for a bike ride.

I didnt do any overtime

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Old and latest

Last weekend:
12.4 miles
1h 37m
7.6 mph avg

hideous ride through swamp and brambles

7.93 miles
13.1 mph avg

nice ride along old railway line from Sourton to Okehampton stn and return. Just made it before dark...

cold. sore knee

I loves Republican peoples!


Sent to you by Jonathan via Google Reader:


via Why, That's Delightful! by Graham on 17/09/08

A 29 year old Republican got himself drugged and robbed by a prostitute during the RNC. Nothing unusual there, I hear you say. Republicans and prostitutes go together like gin and tonic. But, you see, what's really delightful is the haul. Oh, my, the haul! It's quite a list!

"The haul included a $30,000 watch, a $20,000 ring, a necklace valued at
$5,000, earrings priced at $4,000 and a Prada belt valued at $1,000,
police said."

Ah, me! The Republicans really do represent the man on the street, don't they?

'"It's embarrassing to admit that I was a target of a crime. I was
drugged and had about $50,000 of personal items stolen, not the
inflated number that the media is reporting from an inaccurate police
report," he said.'

So–not a hundred and twenty thousand! That's a ridiculous inflated number! It was only fifty thousand dollars worth of things you wear around your wrist and neck!

Hurray! Hurray for every last aspect of this story!


Things you can do from here:


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

wednesday mystery #2

Who messed with my keyboard?

wednesday mysterty #1

right, I have been awake since 4:18; lying in bed thinking about all sorts of crap that fills my life and not being able to sleep. If that is the case, how has it taken me until 8:30 to get out of bed, bath, shave, eat my breakfast and drive 30 minutes to work?

Thats FOUR hours.

Still, on the flip-side in four hours time it will be dinner time.


Tuesday, 16 September 2008

flash back

i climbed a tree this evening to get a football down. brilliant !!

Sainsbury's punts 'Innocent kids juices' for £2.99 • The Register

Sainsbury's punts 'Innocent kids juices' for £2.99 • The Register: "Yup, we're thinking the same as you: How on God's Green Earth can an organisation as big as Sainsbury's fail to spot the missing apostrophe here? That's 'Innocent kid's juices' or 'Innocent kids' juices' - depending on how many innocent kids have been milked for their juices."


ASP.Net v3.5
Love it and Loathe it in equal amounts, just wish it was more of a smooth ride. I would like the middle ground, not too great, not too shabby. Mediocre if you like, but consistently mediocre.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Fwd: Harry Hill - Newsletter number 4

My mate Harry Hill sent me this.

I'm looking forward to tasting his nuts soon...

If you are having touble viewing this email, you can view it online here



Volunteers required for intense social experiment

Foss needs a girlfriend.

His attempts thus far have been without assistance and have met with failure. We are looking for willing volunteers to apply for the role of his other aff.

<<Cx Xmas Party 057.jpg>>



Please leave a comment below with your contact details if you are interested.

(right Foss, cant see how this will fail, lets go to the pub)

Damn Junk mail

Sunday, 14 September 2008



Well this was nearly two years ago. Wonder where it is now?
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Saturday, 13 September 2008


Entertainment for both young and old alike, Monkey: Journey to the West features a cast of over 40 Chinese performers including acrobats, martial artists, volcano soldiers, silk dancers, skeleton demons, contortionists, a Mongolian Kung Fu pig, a singing starfish, and a Monkey born from a stone egg on a monk’s great journey to retrieve scriptures from the West. A must see!

A Mongolian Kung Fu pig !!!!

Friday, 12 September 2008


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Misty Saturday

On the way to Ted Hughes memorial stone. N Dartmoor.
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